We see the Kingdom of God as rooted in the words and works of Jesus. His love compels us — to love all people, to bring hope and healing in His name, to seek justice and mercy, and to reflect His heart for the poor and broken-hearted. We are committed to making the Good News of the Kingdom tangible, understandable and accessible.

Local Outreach

We have a responsibility to reach our own community of Fort Collins, Colorado with the gospel. Throughout the year we put on many events to reach people outside of our church and serve our city. There is always something going on in Fort Collins, so there are many opportunities make an impact.

City Park Lunch

Every Wednesday we open our doors to hundreds of high school students to serve them lunch and invite relationship with a team of awesome volunteers.

Global Outreach


For many years, our goal has been to build strong relationships in order to encourage and support believers in the village of Los Angeles in the mountains of Peru. Our efforts have been centered around going door to door and building relationships and putting on Bible studies for the small community in the Andes mountains. Through our support, there is now a group of Peruvians visiting Los Angeles regularly, meeting with the villagers and spreading the Gospel of Christ.


In partnership with other local churches in Fort collins and Loveland, Immanuel has adopted San Miguel in Guatemala to work towards a Total Village Transformation. We work through Hope of Life and World Help to come alongside the beautiful people of this village to bring clean water, build and improve their school and church facilities, provide medical assistance, and share the good news of the gospel found in Jesus Christ.


We have partnered with this small community on the Southwest coast of the English Channel in an effort to share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with their people. These trips focus heavily on street evangelism and building strong relationships.

South Sudan

We have built relationships with people in South Sudan over the last several years in an attempt to reach people, particularly young people, with the gospel of Christ through sports camps and community involvement. Unfortunately, due to the political unrest present in the nation, we have not been able to safely visit for some time. We hope to visit again as soon as we can do so safely.

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