We want to be a place where students fall passionately in love with God as they encounter him through his word, prayer, worship, service, missions, evangelism, community, discipleship, and the leading of the Spirit. A place where students feel they are loved and belong. A place that welcomes every new person and where hurts and brokenness are met with love and healing.

We want to be a group that challenges students to break with complacency and change the world. A community that teaches students to be servants. A place were students grasp the gospel and learn to boldly share it. A place where it’s normal to talk about God. A place that proves that being a Christian is the greatest adventure and walking away means missing out.

By discipling and empowering the core, the youth group will reach an increasingly larger number of students in a deeper way as students in turn invest in others. We will ask the hard questions and touch the hard topics. We will know what we believe and why we believe it and then live it out with joy everyday.

We will be a team instead of being a one-man show. Youth leaders and students will be expected to lead and invest. Students will be expected to take the initiative and to grow into disciples who persevere in their faith for the rest of their lives and who tangibly change the world for Christ wherever they go.

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