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February 23, 2020
Brad Gilliland

Submit Yourselves

The beginning of James chapter four gives us three imperatives to consider as we learn to submit ourselves to God.

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God & the Rest of Your Life

A four-week sermon series from the book of Proverbs, God and the Rest of Your Life is a look at the areas of our lives from which we frequently remove God.

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Easter Sunday 2018

Easter is no Aprils Fools joke (despite the fact that Easter fell on April 1st in 2018).The reality is that the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything.

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Ascent Project

Sometimes we just need to make a move. Are you feeling stuck? Feeling a need to move in a positive direction - one that God is nudging you towards, but you’re not sure how to go forward?

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Giving Instead of Getting

December 31, 2017, Pastor Joe Creighton urged us to look forward to the new year with the intention of giving of ourselves instead of looking at what we get.

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Single Minded

What are you all about these days? What is consuming your energy, your time, and your thoughts? What if you could somehow simplify your life to be about just one thing? Is that even possible? These are questions that we discuss in our series Single Minded.

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Justice v Just Us

A sermon was recently preached where the speaker talked about the reason we often fall short of “justice” in this country is because we so easily make life about “just us.” That’s a great play on words, and it’s the theme of this series.

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Kids don't come with an instruction guide, but they probably should. NextGen is a short series that addresses some parenting basics and our collective calling to raise up children.

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Get Out There

God has a special journey for each and every one of us. He wants us to Get Out There and discover His plan.

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How safe do you feel living under grace? How sure of the future? Romans 8 is a complex chapter of the Bible that can provide great insight into living out a life of faith in Jesus.

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